The saxophonist, composer and arranger Silvio Zalambani has for several years divided his musical activity into three interrelated areas: artistic, didactic and research into traditional Latin American music, particularly with regard to tango and Cuban and Brazilian culture.

He usually plays in a duo with Argentine pianist Federico Lechner and in a trio with the Argentine singer Sandra Rehder and the Argentine guitarist Adrian Fioramonti, he's also the creator and the artistic director of his 4to Tango, of the project Grupo Candombe, of the saxophone quintet Amerindia Ensemble and the trio Tango Tres; all his compositions are published by Borgatti Musical Editions.

With his projects he performed, as well as in Italy, in Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, also collaborating with many international artists, including: Gabriele Mirabassi, Marco Tamburini, Bruno Tommaso, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Donovan Mixon, Massimo Mantovani, Pedro Mena Peraza, Mario Féres, Duda Lazarini, Arismar do Espirito Santos, Antonio Serrano, Claudio Constantini, Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla, Sheila Blanco, Pablo Motta.

As a soloist he proposed with the following orchestras: Teatro Comunale of Bologna (Italy), Teatro Comunale G. Verdi of Trieste (Italy), Teatro Sociale of Rovigo (Italy), Orchestra FIlarmonica of Bacau (Romania), Orchestra Camerata Almagro of Buenos Aires (Argentine), USP Filarmonica of Ribeirão Preto (Brazil), Orchestra Filarmonica de Gran Canaria (Spain).

He represented Italy at six of the last editions of the World Tango Festival (Seville-Spain, Valparaiso-Chile, Bariloche-Argentine, Seinajoki-Finland, Zarate-Argentine, Melilla-Spain), at the 23rd Festival del Caribe - Fiesta del Fuego in Santiago and Guantanamo (Cuba), at the 23rd International Tango Festival in Granada (Spain), at the 3rd International Tango Festival in Barcelona (Spain '13), at two editions of Pourpre Périgord Jazz Festival in Bergerac (France), also performing on live at Argentine National Radio and other important music clubs in Buenos Aires, such as the Torquato Tasso cultural center and the El Aleph Theatre at the Recoleta cultural center; he's participated at Metastasio Jazz in Prato (Italy) and on live at Italian National Radio, RAI Radio3 La stanza della musica and RAI Radio1 Brasil.

He was interviewed many times by argentinean TV Solo Tango and for argentinean Radio 2x4 Tango, also he's mentioned inside of the Tango's Dictionary of Catalunya (Casa America Catalunya).

He has recorded 9 CDs and 1 live DVD to his name: Guardia Vieja (1998) and Entrada Prohibida (2017) with Tango Tres; Grupo Candombe (2001) and Grupo Candombe 2 (2005) with Grupo Candombe; Nostalgia del presente (2011) and Tango Live DVD on live (2013) with Sandra Rehder; Dejà vù (2015) and Viaggiatori/Viajeros (2019) in Duo with Federico Lechner, Brasil pra mim (2016) with italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, Saxofón Porteño (2022) with Amerindia Ensemble; he recorded like a guest inside the CD Crossfades (2019) with the Elise Hall Saxophone Quartet.

He is regularly invited as a teacher Board in masterclasses or as a concert soloist in festivals in Europe and America, in Spain (at the Conservatory of Music of Albacete and Seville), in Netherlands (at the Conservatory of Music of Utrecht), in Brazil (in the USP and UNAERP Universities of Ribeirão Preto-São Paulo and EMAC-UFG of Goiânia-Goiás).

He was the creator of the International Festival Fiato al Brasile and the Artistic Director from 2012 to 2017.

Silvio Zalambani is graduated in Saxophone, Clarinet and Jazz music, he's an artist endorser of D'Addario and Yanagisawa Brands; he is a saxophone educator since 1999 at the Antonio Scontrino National Conservatory of Music in Trapani (Italy) and since 2016 he is also teaching Jazz Saxophone and Jazz History too.