Mirabassi CandombeSilvio Zalambani - soprano saxophone and arrangements
Gabriele Mirabassi - clarinet
Daniele Santimone - guitar
Massimo Mantovani - piano
Tiziano Negrello - acoustic bass
Davide Bernaro - drums and pandeiro

Mirabassi CandombeThe internacional experience of the project Grupo Candombe by the italian saxophonist and composer Silvio Zalambani, added at Italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, show a personal and creative angles of brazilian music, in a series of own compositions and others contemporary brasilians composers, interpreted with refined and depth intensity.

Mirabassi CandombeThe recording "Brasil pra mim", produced by Borgatti Publishing Editions, was realized by the meeting between Mirabassi and Zalambani, through two particular and intense ways of living the universe of brazilian culture, with excellent originality and poetics sensibility.