Silvio Zalambani Sandra Rehder

Sandra Rehder - voice
Silvio Zalambani - soprano saxophone and arrangements

Since 2008, the meeting between the Argentine singer Sandra Rehder and the Italian saxophonist Silvio Zalambani, gave birth to a refined interpretation of contemporary tango, with a repertoire composed of pieces by various Argentine authors such as: A.Pontier, H.Sanguinetti, S.Piana, E.Blazquez, A.Piazzolla, J.Ogivieki and other compositions by Zalambani himself, the result, besides being original and poetic, is also of rare sensibility and emotional intensity.

The songs, all arranged by Zalambani, have been recorded with the support of some of their usual musicians on a CD and a DVD on live, Nostalgia del presente (2011) and Tango Live (2013), for the Borgatti Music Editions.

The project has been proposed in theaters, clubs and festivals in Italy, Spain and Finland, always receiving unanimous acclaim from the public and crtitics, among the various concerts the following should be noted: Nits d'Estiu de Caixaforum (Barcelona-Spain), 23° International Tango Festival at the Isabel La Catolica Theater (Granada-Spain) "9° World Tango Summit" (Seinajoki-Finland), Casa America Catalunya (Barcelona-Spain), Teatro Alighieri (Ravenna-Italy), Emilia-Romagna Festival (Castel S.Pietro Terme-Italy), Rocca Brancaleone (Ravenna-Italy), Sala S.Caterina (Forlì-Italy), Teatro del Corso (Mestre-Italy), Haus der Kultur (Bolzano-Italy).

Sandra Rehder and Silvio Zalambani collaborate with renowned musicians such as: the Italian pianist Massimo Mantovani, the Italian violinist Vittorio Veroli, the Argentin guitarist Adrian Fioramonti, the Italian bassist Gianluca Ravaglia and the Argentin storyteller Rubén Andrés Costanzo.