Silvio Zalambani trio

Silvio Zalambani - soprano saxophone, compositions and arrangements
Vittorio Veroli - violin
Massimo Mantovani - piano

The trio mainly offers music composed by Silvio Zalambani, in the style of contemporary Argentine tango and other Latin American styles.

The songs were recorded for the Borgatti musical editions on 4 CD's and 1 DVD on live: Grupo Candombe (2001), Grupo Candombe 2 (2005), Nostalgia del presente (2011), Tango Live (2013), Brasil pra mim (2016).

The group has performed in theatres, clubs and festivals throughout Italy, Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Finland, France and Spain, among the many: 23rd Festival del Caribe (Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo, Cuba '03) 11th Metastasio Festival Jazz (Prato-Italy '06), 23rd International Tango Festival in Granada (Spain '11) 11th Pourpre Périgord Jazz Festival (Bergerac-France '14); as well as various tours in Argentine, including live broadcasts on the Argentinean National Radio and at important tango music clubs in Buenos Aires, such as: Torquato Tasso Cultural Center, El Vesuvio, Los Porteñitos, La Recoleta Cultural Center.

Silvio Zalambani and his musicians have represented Italy at the last six editions of the "World Tango Festival" (Seville-Spain '05, Valparaiso-Chile '07, Bariloche-Argentine '09, Seinajoki-Finland '11, Zarate-Argentine '15, Melilla-Spain '18); thanks to this successful event Silvio Zalambani was interviewed by Mr. Gabriel Soria, the vice-president of the Tango National Academy of Buenos Aires for argentinean TV Solo Tango.

This project also collaborates with the Argentinean singer Sandra Rehder, the Cuban guitarist and percussionist Pedro Mena Peraza, the Italian bassist Gianluca Ravaglia and the Italian percussionist Davide Bernaro.