grupo candombe
Silvio Zalambani - soprano saxophone
Massimo Mantovani - piano
Davide Lanzarini - bass
Luca Marcello - congas and percussions
Davide Bernaro - timbales and percussions

Silvio Zalambani's project proposes an original repertoire composed of his own music inspired by the most characteristic styles of Cuba and Brazil, including some tributes to renowned authors of the Carribean area such as Consuelo Velázquez, Rubén González, Rafael Hernández and Tito Puente.

Grupo Candombe began in the year 2000 as a research project about traditional Latin-American music, after being inspired by the presentation of the book Quetzalcòatl by Ernesto Cardenal.

grupo candombeThe band has performed in different theatres, clubs and festivals throughout Italy, Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Finland, France and Spain, among the many: 23rd Festival del Caribe in Santiago and Guantanamo (Cuba), being the first ever Italian group to be invited to the most important traditional music festival of all Caribbean countries; 11th Metastasio Jazz Festival in Prato (Italy), 11th Pourpre Périgord Jazz Festival in Bergerac (France), as well as various tour in Argentine, including live broadcasts on the Argentinean National Radio and at the Torquato Tasso Cultural Center in Buenos Aires.

The group has recorded 4 CDs: Grupo Candombe (2001), Grupo Candombe 2 (2005), Nostalgia del presente (2011) with the Argentine singer Sandra Rehder, Brasil pra mim (2016) with italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, for the italian recording label Borgatti Musical Editions.

With Grupo Candombe also collaborates from many years the Cuban musician Pedro Mena Peraza, as a special guest of the project.